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What our Students say

Great course! It was worthwhile and eye opening in another dimension!
Akintunde Adekoya
Digital Transformation Leader
Amazing course! Great to share opinions and ideas in a diverse student group.
Louis Clovis
Managing Director
Great timing, pacing and content. Learnt many new things over the last month.
Wing Hoe Lim
General manager

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PeopleHR Leadership
Course Structure:
  1. HR Leadership Concepts
  2. Strategic HR Management
  3. Organisational Behaviour
  4. HR Marketing
  5. HR Finance
  6. HR External Environment
  7. Digital HR
  8. HR Risks
  9. HR in Projects
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PlanetSustainable Leadership
Course Structure:
  1. Sustainable Leadership Concepts
  2. Leadership & the External Environment
  3. Sustainable Business Strategies
  4. Managing External Risk
  5. Markets & Economics
  6. Labour Market
  7. Financial Markets
  8. Sustainability Programmes
  9. Technological Developments
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ChangeProgramme Management
Course Structure:
  1. Programme and Projects Management Concepts
  2. Strategic Programmes
  3. External Environment
  4. Programme Risk Management
  5. Programme Organisation
  6. People Management in Programmes
  7. Programme Marketing
  8. Programme Finance
  9. Digital & Data in Programmes
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TechDigital Leadership
Course Structure:
  1. Digital Concepts
  2. Digital Strategies
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Digital Environment & Economics
  5. Digital Finance & Accounting
  6. Digital Information Risks
  7. Organising Digital
  8. Leading the Digital Workforce
  9. Leading Digital Transformation Programmes
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RiskRisk Management
Course Structure:
  1. Risk Management Concepts & Framework
  2. Strategic Risks
  3. External Risks
  4. Market Risks
  5. Organisational Risks
  6. Financial Risks
  7. Project Risks
  8. HR Risks
  9. Information Risks
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LeadLeadership & Organisation
Course Structure:
  1. Leading with impact - A Transfomational Journey
  2. Environment & Leadership
  3. Strategy Leadership
  4. Managing Risks
  5. Managing Change
  6. Leading the Marketing & Sales Function
  7. People Management
  8. Leading the Finance Function
  9. Leading the Tech Function
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Purpose Strategy Leadership
Course Structure:
  1. Strategic Concepts & Framework
  2. External Environment & Strategy
  3. Marketing Strategies
  4. Digital Strategies
  5. Strategic Finance
  6. Organize for success: From Strategy to Execution
  7. Strategic HR Management
  8. Implementing Strategies
  9. Managing Strategic Risks
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MarketMarketing Leadership
Course Structure:
  1. Marketing Leadership Framework
  2. Strategic Marketing
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Market Environment
  5. Marketing Finance
  6. Marketing Risk
  7. Marketing Programme
  8. Marketing Organisations
  9. HR Marketing
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MoneyFinance & Accounting
Course Structure:
  1. Financial & Accounting Concepts
  2. Accounting for Business Structures
  3. HR Cost Accounting
  4. Project Finance & Accounting
  5. Marketing ROI
  6. Business Intelligence & Analytics
  7. Financial Risks
  8. External Stakeholders & International Finance
  9. Strategic Finance
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