Enrolment Queries

Orbis Business School

Entry Requirements

Everyone can sign-up.
However, having 3 years of working experience is recommended.

Course Duration

There is no duration limit to complete the courses. All course duration depends on the student's pace.

When can i start?

Students can start immediately upon purchase of at least one course from the programme.

Where are classes conducted?

From everywhere you're comfortable.
All courses are conducted completely online.

Language Requirements

Currently, the courses are conducted in English. A good command of reading & writing of English is recommended.

Are there any additional requirements for my studies?

No additional study materials needed.
Everything is provided through the online learning system. For optimal learning experience, it is recommended to use a laptop or a tablet.

Registration & Payment Queries

Orbis Business School

How do I Enrol?

Schedule an appointment with us here for an intake session.

What currency are the courses priced at?

All courses are charged in USD.

What happens to my personal data?

Your privacy matters to us.
Click here to understand our privacy policy.

How do i know if my payment was successful?

You will receive a payment confirmation via email immediately upon purchase.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) as well as international wire transfer (BIC, SWIFR)

is your online payment secure?

All our payments are secured by a PCI-DSS compliant payment solution.
Our website is secured following the latest internet security standards.

Current Student Queries

Orbis Business School

How do i start my courses?

All purchased courses will be available on the course dashboard.

Is there a thesis submission?

No, students are not required to submit a thesis. However, some course work includes essay submissions.

is it possible to freeze my syllabus?

All courses are conducted following your pace. There is no specific time limit to complete the courses.

What happens if i fail a test?

All tests can be re-attempted at an unlimited number of attempts.

will there be any exams or tests?

In order to test student progression, we have included tests at the end of each module and a final test at the end of the course.

what is the recommended course sequence?

Our unique Cross Learning Concept allows any sequence of courses.

Certification Queries

Orbis Business School

How can i achieve a certificate?

Certification is granted to students who completed at least one course by passing all tests, including the final test.

how will i receive my certificate?

All certificates are awarded automatically by e-mail or can be accessed on your student dashboard.
A certificate hardcopy can be sent to you upon request (postage charges apply).

What certifications are awarded?

Upon satisfactory completion in accordance to CPD UK guidelines, the following certificates will be awarded:

Single course: Certificate of Excellence - <course name>

Entire programme (9 courses): Certificate in Business Administration - Transformational Leadership

How can i verify my credentials?

Students can login and find their credentials in the student dashboard. Third parties can verify Orbis student's credentials through the credential verification page here.
Only credential verification is provided, no other student information is shared.

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