Inspiration + Intuition = Vision

Inspiration + Intuition = Vision

A great vision is a combination of both inspiration and intuition. 

“Every transformation starts with a vision. All leaders claim to have a vision, but only a few have one. We need leaders at all levels to be armed with an understanding of vision. Without this there will be no long term progress.”

~ Oleg Konovalov

What can we learn from the world around us? Inspiration is about curiosity, open mindedness and listening skills. Get inspired by other people’s stories and be curious about what’s going on in the world.

How would a better future look like? What is your (business’) role in creating a better future? Intuition is about tapping in a space of infinite possibilities. Intuition can’t be forced, but it can be gradually developed. It is about making the ‘unknown’ ‘known’ to you. I will share how to do this in one of my future posts.


Why do we need both inspiration and intuition to create a compelling vision?

Inspiration alone doesn’t result in a great vision – we have a view of today’s problems and opportunities but it is lacking a view of how a better future would look like.

Intuition alone doesn’t result in a great vision – we would have great ideas but they are not aligned with what the world needs.

A great vision is therefore developed by both inspiration and intuition.

Transformational leaders make the future the present by inspiring others with their vision. Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Elon Musk, Anita Roddick, to name a few, all built their businesses based on their vision.

What is your vision?

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