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Together For Healthy Oceans

We have been looking for sustainability initiatives in line with our own mission and values. We found a great match in Time2Tack - who are on a mission for healthy oceans.

Our partnership goes way beyond CSR, because their yacht is also a platform for teambuilding and developing (future) leaders.

Orbis Business School

About Time2Tack

Time2Tack ambassadors are strongly connected to Educational and Business Programmes, which contributes to the strategy of both organisations to invest in transformational and future leaders. Furthermore, the Time2Tack crew has a highly recognised experience in developing leadership and team performance skills using the sailing environment as a leaning experience.

Kees de Walle, Chairman Time2Tack: “We are at a turning point where we need to change our behaviour to safeguard our planet for future generations. It’s time to tack, or in other words, change course.“

Our partnership was featured in Business Today.

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